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Executives who have understood the importance of project management practices 87%
Organizations that are not satisfied with their level of project management maturity 68%
Project managers who do not consider themselves competent enough 73%
PMO that disappear before 4 years of existence 60%
0 %

of Executives understand the importance of project management practices​

0 %

of organizations that are not satisfied with their level of maturity in project management​

0 %

of project managers  do not consider themselves competent enough

0 %

of PMO disappear before 4 years of existence

Project managers have their nose to the handlebars!

Come out of your shell, take control !

Like me, I am sure you have already been confronted with difficult situations in your job as a project manager.

Can you explain in one sentence the OBJECTIVES of one of your projects? Do you know the ACQUIRED VALUE? Are the LOAD ESTIMATES you are given always accurate? Have you always kept the DEADLINE COMMITMENTS? Have you ever been reframed during a STEERING COMMITTEE? Are you familiar with the PROJECT PORTFOLIO? Are your meeting MINUTES read? Have you been successful in your projects in an INTERCULTURAL CONTEXT?

Until we are in your shoes, we can't understand

It’s an frequently answer! And I agree!

Each project is carried out in a particular context (partners, actors, technology, deadlines, issues, risks). So each project is unique. But you are also unique, like your company! Therefore, it is not a standard or collective training that will help you in an optimal way!

I’ve created Aimproov.net to give project managers the means to succeed in their mission by providing them with tools and 100% personalized support.

The project office (PMO) is generally not appreciated!

Does the traffic law serve to complicate the lives of users?

If the commander of Titanic had known about an iceberg earlier, would the ship have hit it?

As the highway code did for road users in the 20th century, the PMO reinforces the ability to secure projects, allows for more efficient management and creates the conditions for the cohabitation and success of all projects, even those conducted in agile mode (no offence).

3 out of 5 PMO disappear in less than 4 years

If the PMO has such a short lifespan, it is most likely because it does not show enough how much value it brings to the organization. This means that it does not highlight enough the measures of its action in its capacity to increase the performance of projects and to give the company the means to decide quickly and to be more relevant in the investments it makes.

Another reason is also because its implementation requires a cultural change and contrary to popular belief, culture takes time to change. The implementation of a PMO must therefore be accompanied by change management, and often it is the PMO Manager who must take care of it, which does not make his task easy if he is not not trained.

I’ve created aimproov.net to offer tools to improve operational performance with the HARMONIE method!

What's the point of spending more to do less?

Spending a lot of energy for little value added?

How many managers telling me that they don’t have the time to look at the way the organization orchestrates its activities. Often, this is because they work in “firefighter” mode and this is because we are poorly organized. On many occasions, my response contained only one image:

About Aimproov

To take a step back requires to get your head out of the handlebars, and to go back to the basics of the business we are in. When you put things straight, you can think better, and therefore better rethink the way you produce value.

I created aimproov.net to offer tools to improve operational performance with the HARMONY method!

About me

My experience

I have carried out missions (project manager, PMOtransition manager) in organizations with very diverse business and cultures.. 

In 2006, I started my career in consulting.

I had the chance to manage projects with many challenges:

Transformation projects: fusion of the IT departments of the Caisse d’Epargne and the Banque Postale, audit and improvement of governance at the Dassault Système IT department.
Strategic project management: management of R&D projects at FT.
PMO creation: implementation of PMO and project portfolio in 2009 at Banque Postale (DISFE), at Edifixio (project portfolio) and at Prévoyance Aesio-Macif.
Program management: Cagnotte Fidélité at Carrefour, preparation of the CRM redesign, creation and launch of the “Harmonie” program at SPIE ICS.

I have always believed that it is together and well organized that individuals are able to meet challenges.

Stéphane Burban

Specialist in project management, I started in web and digital project management (AOL from 1998 to 2006), then in change management, in the implementation of new functions (PMO, project department).

I have a Master in Information Systems Management (ESSEC) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Paris Dauphine and the ESG of Montreal.

My values

Honesty & Punctuality
No judgment
Will power & Curiosity

My qualities

Autonomy & Dynamism
Passion & Creativity
Team spirit

Take control, don't wait